Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cologne's ban on ritual circumcision

Hmmm.  Unlike female circumcision, I don't think the ramifications reach the point of justifiably calling it mutilation.  Especially when you compare and contrast their histories/reasons/cultural and religious whathaveyous.  So I suppose it's less an issue of mutilation, but more an issue of upholding personal choice and deciding who's choice is more pertinent, the child's or the parents'?  It's weird.  The religious freedom argument is valid.  Although from what I've read, the German court has addressed this issue and states religious freedom is not infringed by a child's personal choice.  Although post-natal circumcision seems more risky....  I don't know.  Not a fan of circumcision OR religion, btw, but I think it's more harmful to society to ban circumcision?