Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautifully put by my sis:  "Me and my sister's Lola passed away today, after 93 years on this Earth. Along with my dad and his sister, she was on one of the last boats out of the Fujian region of China when the country went Communist. So if not for that, as my dad likes to joke, I would have been "a Chinese peasant." My earliest memories of my Lola was visiting her in the Philippines as a child. She'd make me pray for what felt like hours each day (but was probably a grand total of ten minutes), follow me around with food because she was convinced I never ate enough, and leave a mug of ultra bitter tea on my bedside table each morning, with a piece of candy on top for after. Though I don't remember her and my Lolo as being huge animal lovers, for some reason there were always like a dozen cats in and out of their house in Marikina Heights. Lola was a product of her time, when females stayed in the house, were quiet and acted like ladies. She was appalled at times I'm sure, by her eldest granddaughter who liked to climb trees with the boys and who said outlandish things even as a child. But I like to think she was also secretly pleased at such open rebellion in the face of traditional gender limitations. I'm thankful she lived long enough to spend several years getting to know her great-granddaughters, to the extent that even when her memory started going, the sound of their laughter from my phone made her smile and nod in remembrance. Mahal kita Lola, and thank you for loving us. See you in another life."